Date: Sunday 15th December, 2019

Topic: Becoming a successful overcomer 3

Text: 1Thess 5:13-17                             

Key verse:” Pray without ceasing.” 1Thess 5:17


The early disciples of Jesus Christ believed that prayer makes a tremendous difference in the lives of those striving to obey God. As James states,

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16). Prayer is a "powerful and effective" means of keeping evil thoughts from reentering the mind. Offering a silent prayer as soon as the evil thought is driven out is one way of assuring that the thought will not quickly return.
You may find that a pocket-size book of Psalms is helpful at such times. All you need to do is take out the book, turn to the first Psalm (or a selected Psalm), and read it, making it your prayer by applying its meaning to your life. (Of course, it's not a good idea to do this while you are driving.) Using the book of Psalms as a prayer guide is an excellent way of learning to pray.
Starting each day with prayer is also an important part of life of an overcomer. If you don’t want to be quick-tempered, for example, don't let a morning go by without asking God to help you control your anger. If you have just quit smoking, ask God to give you the strength you need to make it through the day without a cigarette.
Take one day at a time. Each morning, ask God to give you the help you need for that one day. Then, before retiring for the evening, close the day with a prayer of thanksgiving for the help you received that day. Resolve to go daily before the Throne of Grace and you become an overcomer.


My prayer life receives fire from above and be renewed in Jesus name.


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