Date: Friday 13th December, 2019

Topic: Becoming a successful overcomer 2

Text: Ps 51                                           

Key verse:” Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”Ps 51:10

CONFESS YOUR SINS:  If you have repented of your sins and turned to God through Jesus Christ, then you have already confessed your sins, since repentance involves honestly confessing one's sins before God. However, confession does not end with one's initial repentance and conversion.

It is a lifelong process, and involves regularly examining one's own thoughts, motives, and actions. It means asking and honestly answering oneself such questions as: Why did I do that? What was my motive for saying that? Was I sincerely paying that person a compliment, or was I fishing for a compliment in return? Did I congratulate that person because I was truly happy to see him achieve his goal, or was I using the situation to draw attention to myself?

Often, people are not honest with themselves. We have the uncanny ability of hiding the truth about ourselves from ourselves. We are somehow able to convince ourselves that our motives are other than what they really are.

Through this process of self-deception, some are able to turn sins into virtues. Take, for example, the person who finds great delight in telling about someone else's faults, and who likes nothing more than a juicy new piece of gossip. When reprimanded for such behavior, the person covers his guilt by transforming his sin into a virtue. "I guess I'm just too honest for my own good," he says. Thus, the sin of slanderous gossip is transformed into the virtue of honesty. If you are serious about overcoming, you cannot ignore this vital principle. Examine yourself. Be honest about your motives.


The grace to overcome sin gives unto me O Lord in Jesus name.


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